Webinar #3 - If You Don’t Stand Up Then You’re What’s for Dinner!

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Russ Wagner
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Here is the second half of our conversation with Citizen Ninja Training Expert Mary Baker.

In this second session we provide more building blocks to help get activists started. We discuss:

How to establish yourself as an “Interested Party” to engaged with local officials.

How to have enough influence to make them need to deal with you.

Public Private Partnerships and how they gang up against you.

 The importance of building a team – using the talents and skills of those you’re working with.

And much more… As Mary says, “If you don’t make yourself and your cause heard – then you’re what’s for dinner!”  

I have included her materials in our new Activist Handbook. You can also learn more from Mary’s materials at her website www.themarybaker.com.

To learn more go to: https://americanpolicy.org/